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How to Start & Quit based on Blessing Abeng’s Interview with Seth Godin



This June, creators, and entrepreneurs across the globe gathered to learn How to Start and Quit from the Marketing Guru and best seller of 19 books, Seth Godin. Blessing Abeng, the Director of Communications at Ingressive for Good (a non-profit empowering young Africans in tech through learning and the power of work) got to sit down virtually with Seth Godin for 15 minutes and thought-provoking lessons were shared, these are our top 5:

1. Start where you are with what you have. Start with the smallest viable project and grow from there.

2. Start generous projects that are more about the people whose problems you want to solve, than yourself. The more generous your project is, the easier it is to get people’s buy-in.

3. Of course, we are worried that we are going to fail. People fail all the time. Almost everyone who starts a tournament is going to fail. Start by acknowledging that it MIGHT fail but if you don’t start at all, you have certainly failed.

4. You get better by consistently doing. Go to work on a daily basis and keep your promise to your audience. Staying consistent is like brushing your teeth. You’ll miss a day, but you have to keep going.

5. You have no idea when or what to quit but you know you have to decide. There’s no formula. No formula, There’s no way to say “If it’s like this you should quit” or “If it’s not like this you should keep going” You just need to know that you’ve been quilting all your life and sometimes you quit at the wrong time and some times you quit the wrong things. Look back,  look at other people ahead of you, what did they decide to quit or not quit and look for clues, look for symptoms.

Watch the full video here: It is probably the best 15 minutes you will spend today.

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