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Dubai Drama: Tonto Dikeh Fights Dirty in Public …Might Be Deported



According to online report, on Friday, November 15th, controversial actress, King Tonto got into a fight at an event in Dubai. Source revealed she got into fracas with the hotel security at the entrance and before you know it, the hullabaloo had escalated into one which involved the Police and arrests being made…

According to sources, the drama started immediately Tonto arrived the venue of the event and the security refused her entry while other guests walked pass her.

Tonto got out of control and became physically aggressive. Source revealed she seems to be high on something. Meanwhile, during this drama, her two friends, Bob and Timi had shift aside since she can’t be control nor stopped.

She is quoted to have called the white security guard a ”Nigga” while yelling and cursing and asking him if he knows who she is… ”Do you know who i am? Do you fvcking know who i am”

When it got out of hand the Police was called in and she was taken away. It’s was alleged she might be deported… Let’s keep our fingers crossed… More on Dubai drama…

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