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Why You Should Pee Before and After S-ex



According to research, “urinating both before and after and sex, is good and very important. This will make the urine stream instantly mechanically cleanses and flushes the bacteria that could enter the urethra, which is where you urinate from,” Dweck said.

Peeing before sex can also be beneficial because it decompresses the bladder for comfort.

However, there’s no science-backed timeline for when you should pee after sex. Which is actually great! It means you have the chance to really tune into your body and figure out what feels right and comfortable for you.

“While urinating before and after sex clearly decreases the chance of a urinary tract infection, you don’t need to have a stopwatch,” Dr. Copperman says. Because it’s such a common sexual health refrain that you should pee after sex, you may feel a sense of immediacy and worry that there’s a very specific timeframe you need to adhere to. That concern is unfounded. Unless you really have to pee, there’s no need to force yourself to hop out of bed (or off the kitchen counter or wherever you may be) the second you’re done and sprint to the bathroom.

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