Leasehouz Debuts in Lagos, Provides Premium Leasing Services

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Leasehouz, an online market platform where various assets, goods and services, sold by various vendors and partners are displayed for sale has debuted in Nigeria.

The platform is powered by AssetKap Investment Limited is a newly established service solution company providing modern day asset solutions and other related services in Nigeria. Assetkap provides services in the areas of leasing, fleet management, financial intermediary/advisory and investments.

Speaking during the announcement of the product lunch in Lagos, the Chief Executive Officer of AssetKap, Mr. Ifeanyi Ogbor said Leasehouz offers to finance the purchase of assets displayed on platform for its customers in return for periodic installments structured conveniently. Leasehouz also facilitates the outright purchase of goods and services as well.

“At Leasehouz, you will enjoy the convenience of browsing for choice products, making selections and applying for leases online. Customers will enjoy immediate possession and use of assets, goods and services while they pay in installments tailored to their cash flows. Leasehouz also provides various other protection plans for customers, their loved one and their assets, working with top service providers. These include general, life and health insurance and are provided with the leases as bundles services” Ogbor explained.

He noted that the vision of the company is to become the preferred asset solution provider for the Nigerian market. “The company will position to be the number platform for Leasing and other related business solutions. The company also has the dream to play globally in the near future” he added.

Ifeanyi Ogbor is an asset finance expert with varied experience in equipment leasing, asset management and other related financial services. With about two decades of industry practice, he has worked in a number of leasing firms and banks. Exposed to international best practice, he is set to drive the affairs of the company. He is also a member of the Equipment Leasing Association of Nigeria (ELAN).

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