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Herdsmen Reportedly Stabs Bus Conductor To Death For Killing Cow Along Lagos Badagry Express



A herdsman has reportedly stabbed a commercial bus conductor to death for knocking down and killing two of his cows.

Source revealed that the driver lost control of his vehicle and used it to hit the cows.

Angered by the development, the herdsman, he said, brought out his knife and stabbed his conductor to death at the back of a police station.

The incident according to him, occurred at Agogo Igbala, Badagry on Monday.

He tweeted, “12h35: Civil disturbances at Agogo Igbala near Mowo, along Lagos/Badagry expressway, after a driver lost control and used his bus to hit & kill two cows belongings to a herder. The angry herder allegedly stabbed both the driver and conductor to death.”

Videos posted by the Twitter user show people gathered around the bodies of the deceased conductor and cows. The second person, the driver allegedly killed did not feature in the videos.

The front of the Lagos bus painted yellow and black is dented with some flesh of the dead cattle stuck to the grille of the vehicle.

The police are yet to confirm the incident as effort to get Benjamin Hundeyin, Lagos police spokesman has not been successful.

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