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Dejaii Signature Brand, Debuts With Its Signature Boxers, T-shirts, Others



 When it comes to Fashion in Nigeria, DEJAII SIGNATURE is one of the resounding names that take the lead in the Industry. A highly talented individual that has carved a niche for himself through his exceptional collections. This is evident by the high demand for his collections by his crowd in Nigeria and spreading through Africa at large.

Dejaii Signature biologically named as Ayodeji Emmanuel Sunbola was born into a humble home of the Sunbola family with six other siblings.

Dejaii as he is popularly called graduated from The University of Lagos where he studied Philosophy. It’s kind of strange for one to opt for such a course right? Yea, Dejaii picked interest in Fashion out of his passion to be outstanding among the wide range of competitors in the fashion-forward industry. As fate would have it, he is now one of Nigeria’s finest Fashion brands among other fashionistas. He always gives kudos to everyone that trusted in his skill and exceptionality by presenting them with the best quality from the onset.

Dejaii Signature is deft at both formal and informal couture designs and caters for all stylish individuals irrespective of class or social status because for them it’s about the style and the finishing. It is also about elegance and not extravagance.

In Nigeria and Africa, the founder and CEO of one of the biggest African inspired Ready to Wear Label, Dejaii stands as the most favorite fashionista to a majority of entertainers and Celebrities far and wide. He has a passion and determination to always provide smashing styles and new labels that speak volumes to the world.

The voice behind the latest jersey’s and designs from Dejaii signature and other super brands are targeted towards portraying the upwardly mobile youths and entertainers. Talking about the Dejaii brand, it spreads across every city in Nigeria, Africa, Australia, United State of America, Qatar, and South Africa as a true representation of uniqueness and perfection. The brand “Dejaii” even goes farther to penetrate the hearts and wardrobes of most big men and women, as well as youths and celebrities in Nigeria.

They promise to debut their best underwear (boxers), T-Shirts, Tank Singlet with a wide range of sizes (small, medium, large, extra-large, and double extra-large), uniquely designed to cope with the harshness of the tropical weather, at a decent price. Dejaii signatures range will be positioned by the slogan “Experience Uniqueness”- indicating the never-ending innovative ideas on designs, creativity, and customization at a decent price. Dejaii Signatures will take advantage of an already existent structure, experience over the past six (6) years to provide, and excellent customer-oriented service to grow in the marketplace. Dejaii Signatures’ initial product offerings are for the masses although predominantly male population. It promises to divest after this first year of this latest production to offer other product ranges.

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