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Bizarre: London Based Nigerian Lady Allegedly Drowns Her 4-Years-Old Son



According to the post on social, a UK based Nigerian woman has allegedly drowned her 4 year old son.

Read the post as seen on social media…

“Oluwakemi Badare murdered her 4 year old son by drowning him in the bath on 02/01/21 in Plumstead UK. Sadly Oluwakemi suffered from mental health issues. In 2017 she was sectioned for putting him in hot water. Social services took her son and she remained in a

psychiatric hospital for a year and 2 months. No one saw this coming and she is now in prison for murder and the poor boy is dead. If social services had removed him and never returned him to her, many would have been angry with social services. They would say social workers are wicked people. Sometimes knowing when to remove a child from the parents can be the hardest part of the job. If you don’t and something happens to that child it can affect you negatively for life.

Unfortunately Oluwakemi will now have to live with the fact that she killed her own son. In her sane moments she will never forget or forgive herself. Her husband and older son are far away in Nigeria. If only they had known that her mental health was that bad, things could have been different. King could have been protected from the one who loved him more than anyone but would turn out to be the one to take his short life due to no fault of her own. Depression is real.

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