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And the Saga Continues… How I Got Deceived by a Mother of Four Children -Part 3



And the estranged husband of Ewa, who is a prince in Lagos replies…

Yes, I cut this guy in you room nakedly taking his birth in the house you rented for your children at about 2am, and you are there with him nakedly kissing him with pregnancy 🤰. Please tell the world what this guy is doing In ur room at that time?

This is the reason why I work away and I refused to say anything, but I kept hearing different lies against me and my family, I decided to voice out. Why must you lied about everything? After the wedding you said I am broke that I don’t have money and you want to move on. You told me you have seen another man I should let you go. Why would I feel pains, when I know the pains I went through for the few months I spent with you. You kept wasting resources, investing on a wrong direction and you are complaining you are financially down. Sleeping with the taxify guy in different hotels with another man pregnancy, yet you are still claiming you are right bcoz is the house you rented for you and your kids. I thank God for my life

And the saga continues…

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