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And the Drama Continues… How I Got Deceived by a Mother of Four Children …The Lady’s Identity Unveils



Prior to my early post about a young man who was tricked into marriage by a woman who has four children,, authoritatively can tell you that the woman in question is called Ewa and her instagram handle is @officialewa_ng.

Immediately after her former husband posted the story on social, Ewa posted this…

Someone sent this story to me online now and I just couldn’t stop wondering…

I had to call the lady that sent it and asked her a few questions and my thoughts were confirmed…


A broke single guy who was never been married, doesn’t have kids said he met a random single mom online and claimed she deceived him into marriage.. Yet the woman offered him travelled visa.. Which part of that sounds like deception? You deceive someone when u want to get something from them.


Secondly the guy is claiming he didn’t have money for wedding & the single mom foot the wedding bills… Who was deceiving who?.


He said he decided to leave the relationship when he discovered the travel plans was fake… Young man, wasn’t that the reason you were there in the first place, for the money & the travel?. Then suddenly you start making money after you left her 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Oga the story isn’t adding up at this point…


Meanwhile you said she’s sleeping with another man with ur pregnancy & a woman u are married to or aren’t u legally married to her? u are a man and you just walked away without doing anything. I assume the woman also owns the house maybe that’s why you couldn’t do anything.


After reading, I think its a case of a hardworking single mom, who noticed after a while that the young man is a gold-digger & she decided to push him out of her life… So we should expect him to feel pained bcos his plans didn’t work… Or how does a man even accuse a pregnant woman of sleeping around…?


Then somewhere in this young man’s head he thought the woman won’t be able to move on because she has had previous divorces… Now she’s moved on and he probably can’t handle her strength.


To my hardworking single moms out there.. Biko shine your eyes oh!!! Especially those of you that have dual citizenships THESE GUYS ARE DESPERATE!!!!!!



Please let’s drop our opinion.

However, this indicates that she’s smart and knows what she’s doing. It shows that she did all that was said about her.

Anyways, I will keep you guyz posted has am digging more on her wedding and why she got married twice in a year … wonders shall never end.

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