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I do know that trying to convince anyone here is going to be an endless struggle. But let me first of all drop the letter i got from the CONSULATE GENERAL OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA before i decided to be a part of this mission to South Africa.

As an entertainer and a ‘MERRY MAN’ it is way easier for me to join my colleagues in Dubai to celebrate One Africa Fest, than to risk my life and come to South Africa to be a part of a peace mission. Just like a football player who gets a call up to represent his country’s national team, i considered the invitation from the Consul General an honour to my person, and a service to humanity.

There is no amount in this world that i would have been given to make me leave all that i have visibly worked for in Nigeria to come to a land that cost us pain not too long ago. So for everyone whom have insulted and decided to unfollow me, please go ahead and do it to the best of your own understanding. Many of us have been judged and crucified for the things we believed in. Especially by people who cannot stand up for even themselves, not to talk of humanity.

Yesterday was Ighalo, because he missed a clear chance to get a goal at the world cup. But guess what? He is still the very relevant Ighalo pursuing his career.The other day was 2baba all because he called off a protest. But he is still loved by those who understands his value. My name is Richard Ayodeji Makun, i will never wait for what Nigeria or any government can do for me, i will always continue to do my very best to put Nigeria on the map of the world positively.

As long as i know that when we act, we are judged, and even when we don’t we are also judged, i will leave you people to dwell in your comfort zone of social media bullying, while i use the negativity as more motivation to work even harder and become even stronger.

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