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2nd Avenue – The Sexcapades of Pamela: A Show of Twosome



42nd Avenue – Pamela

Few days later, a small deal came in and I needed to be with one young, handsome and rich man in the society. It was a gathering of him and few friends.

I got to his mansion somewhere in Lekki and moments later, the man began to struggle out of his trousers after seeing my body figure. His shirt soon disappeared and left alone was his pants. He pulled me roughly on to the thick rug on the floor. He had me eagle spread and awaited patiently for the debauchery.

Then his index finger tugged at the edge of my pants and I lifted up my buttocks to make removal of my pants easy for him.

        Then he climbed onto me. He was poised to enter me when I suddenly stopped him.

        “What’s the matter?” he challenges, with his eyes dazed. The hunger on his face was bold and apparent.

        “Not yet,” I replied, a seductive smile on my face. I raised myself up slightly and reached for his cock. Slowly and sensually, I began to stroke it, until it became turgid and assumed full length. Then I started to lick the cap with my tongue and then every inch of the shaft.

        “Jesus Christ!” the man muttered pleasurably. Then I began the real blow job. I swallowed the head of his penis and sucked him hard. He screamed and yelled out in pleasure as I sucked him harder and harder. His eyes were shut even as his two hands squeezed my boobs.

        After I had ensured he was hooked, I disengaged and gently pushed him on his back. Moments later, I straddled him.

        His cock was very stiff, ramrod straight. Slowly, I began to lower my wet, gaping cunt until to touch the cap of his cock. Then I centered it and went down until the whole of his cock had filled my inside.

        I began to ride him, at first slowly, and then later violently. I jerked harder and harder on top of him and he screamed so much he appeared to have been driven crazy. Inside me, I was joyous to find him at my mercy. He wanted a fuck and I was prepared to give him a good one.

        All along, I was unaware to the presence of his pals until I felt two fresh hands grip my breasts from the rear. What happened next was a show of twosome.

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